Published In: Intelligent Utility November / December 2013 They do things differently on the Continent, to borrow some British slang. They even do smart metering a little differently—probably because there...Read more
ESMIG is playing a key role this year in developing European Utility Week, helping to coordinate the agendas for the Smart Metering and Grid Security programme as well as coordinating the attendance and exhibiting of ESMIG members on the exhibition floor.Read more
ESMIG is celebrating five years of promoting Smart Meter solutions and technologies to Europe, addressing consumers, utility operators and political decision-makers. The fifth anniversary is being marked on 13 June...Read more
METERING INTERNATIONAL ISSUE - 3/2013, By Nicolle Raven Consumer engagement is imperative to optimize energy savings and reach the stipulated 20% energy savings by 2020 at EU level. ESMIG believes...Read more
In an interview in 2011, Dr. Howard Porter, current International Alliances Director of ESMIG, explained how to roll-out Smart Meters in the European Union member states.Read more
We are exhibiting at European Utility Week (15-17 October) and would be delighted if you would join us in Amsterdam; we can offer you a FREE exhibition pass or a discounted conference pass.Read more
In conversation with Howard Porter, International Alliances Director, ESMIG. We discuss the challenges of consumer engagement within smart grids and metering with specific reference to the UK energy model.Read more more