Congratulations on the Paris Agreement!

ESMIG welcomes the historical agreement reached during COP21 in Paris, on the 12th of December 2015. For the first time ever, 195 countries are now legally bound in their fight against climate change and global warming.

We support the main outcomes of the agreement: the certainty of a long-term goal with the flexibility of carbon markets, the significant step towards creating a global level playing field, the promise of billions in new subsidies to drive business opportunities in developing countries, the clear role for market mechanisms going forward. 

In order to renew, decarbonise and secure Europe’s future energy generation and delivery, new technologies that provide consumers easy to use solutions for measuring and managing their consumption and local power generation should be introduced on the market.

Europe needs clear policy support in order to stimulate innovation and to accelerate the transformation of the energy market towards a cleaner world.

The ESMIG association is providing through its members, up-to-date, consumer friendly, secure and interoperable solutions to support the necessary changes that Europe’s energy market will undergo in the coming years.

ESMIG sets the requirements for these solutions so they are fit-for-purpose and give the European industry a prominent position on the global market of smart energy management.