Communications Technology Group (CTG)

The Communications Technology Group (CTG)

The CTG handles all communication technology related topics that are of interest to ESMIG’s members.

The scope of the group is ranging from the Smart Meters (and its interfaces) to the central Head End System that acts as an interface to all other utility systems. Since the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) plays an important role in Smart Grids, the interfaces of the AMI to Smart Grid applications (Electric mobility, Distributed Energy Resources, Home Automation, etc.) are also in the scope of the CTG.

The main goal of this group is to ensure functional interoperability between ESMIG members’ products. In 2011, it produced a position paper about the approach of ("how to reach") interoperability. A derived objective is the definition and selection of applicable communication standards for application within the ESMIG members’ market offerings. In order to position standards and create relations, the CTG defines and maintains a communicational architecture for the AMI that identifies the interfaces between its different components. Furthermore, it studies, evaluates and compares existing and upcoming communication technologies (wired and wireless).

Finally, the CTG reviews communication related reports from European organisations such as the Smart Meter and Smart Grid Coordination Groups.