Who we are

Consumer Energy Management (CEM)

ESMIG and the CEM in particular are dedicated to providing and facilitating information, research and constructive dialogue to improve the involvement of the consumer in Smart Meter systems and as such, optimise energy saving potential. ESMIG wishes to establish a successful partnership between distribution system operators, energy suppliers, energy service companies, electronics manufacturers and consumer organisations that respect the interests and goals of each party.


  • Represent the industry delivering energy management products, solutions and related services (excluding end-users such as retailers  and ESCO's);
  • Work with standardization bodies and industry groups to ensure interfaces to Smart Homes are adequately covered
  • Promote new smart solutions via public communications delivered by independent, official sources such as government authorities, NGOs, consumer associations or other trusted sources, with limited  involvement from the commercially-involved utilities;
  • Work with the SPG to safeguard the consumer by exploring   data protection, privacy and cost issues;
  • Inform the European consumers about the Smart Meter infrastructure : which Smart equipment and Feedback services are needed to realise the energy savings potential while respecting the diverse interests of the consumer.