European Business Systems Integration and Interoperability Group (EBSII)

The European Business Systems Integration and Interoperability Group (EBSII)

The EBSII group of ESMIG focuses on the enterprise system landscape and the interoperability of its components. The scope of this landscape ranges from the central Head End System to other utility business systems, such as Meter Data Management, Customer Information, Billing, Asset Management and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

In a white paper that was produced in 2010, the group identifies the users (actors) of these systems and the standards that can be used to integrate them. The white paper also describes the functionality of data exchange by Use Cases related to metering and energy management. This white paper is constantly updated with further details about standards and new Use Cases. End Users, such as utilities and regulators, review the white paper to keep it in line with daily practice.  In close cooperation with EBSII, the communication architectures, data models and Use Cases of CTG and MUM groups are interlinked.

The future of Smart metering in Europe will be dominated by open systems. To the question on how the existing MDM systems can be incorporated in this futuristic unified standardised landscape,ESMIG has agreed upon a generic open standards policy. The EBSII group identifies how this policy can be accommodated and supported for MDM and related systems.

Is it realistic to work towards stand-alone European solutions for standards such as integration and interoperability? The EBSII group reviews the solutions existing in other world markets, and assesses their relevance for the European market.