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Marketing and Events Group (MEG)

The Marketing and Events Group (MEG)

The MEG covers all marketing aspects of the organisation including all events where ESMIG is represented, its involvement in exhibitions and conferences, its web presence, and any printed information. In addition, contact with the media is managed by this group.

The main objective of the Marketing and Events Group is to ensure that ESMIG and industry’s core messages and positions are unified and properly published and marketed, that ESMIG’s visibility is ensured and that the “brand” ESMIG is recognised and valued by the partners and other national and international organisations.

MEG is the contact point for publications and acts in close co-operation with the RPG for regulatory issues, with CTG, EBSII, MUM, SPG for technical issues as well as CEM for technical and consumer-related issues when specific events, publications or projects have to be delivered centrally by ESMIG.

Furthermore, MEG is in charge of implementing and developing an effective internal and external communication infrastructure, such as websites, extranet, mailings and related tools to ensure a high quality of information flow/exchange as well as the efficient communication and effective involvement of members, partners and relevant stakeholders.