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Multi Utility Metering Group (MUM)

The Multi Utility Metering Group (MUM)

The MUM group of ESMIG focuses on the metrological and legal aspects of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure. It follows the maintenance process of the Measurement Instrument Directive (MID) that sets the legal requirements for Electricity, Water, Gas and Heat meters. It reviews reports issued by the working group Measuring Instruments of the EC as well as  European guidelines/regulations on data privacy and security.

Specific technical and regulatory issues related to smart meters in their environment are handled by the MUM group, such as Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), energy usage, split between metrological and additional smart meter functionality and testing/certification of meters.

The group also manages the relationship with related industry associations such as Aqua and Facogaz. Whilst most metering companies are represented in all three industry groups, a number of companies specific for the water and gas industry, are represented only in Aqua or Facogaz respectively. The representation in standardisation work across the three industry groups is aligned in order to be able to speak with one industry voice.