What we do

Our focus

Policy & regulation: We are intensively active in the European political scene to influence new legislation andadvocate existing legislation and recommendations. ESMIG is also reaching out to national stakeholders in countries that did not yet decide for a smart meter roll-out or are working on a second generation roll-out. 


Smart metering: The smart meter is vital in the development of new market roles and energy related services. Big data and data services are foreseen to be provided by DSO or neutral 3rd parties. The introduction of these roles and services is the next step after the roll-out of smart meters. We are working on identifying gaps in functionalities and standards that are necessary to realise consumer benefits and energy related services by commercial companies. In our work we include issues related to data, such as free flow of data, data access standards.


Consumer energy management: Our activities are supporting in parallel both the traditional energy market participants in the performance of their (mostly regulated) business and the new market players in the transition to new energy market and service oriented models. We are “transforming while performing”. We are advocating for the opportunities offered by smart meters and additional technology connected to the metering infrastructure.