What we do

Technical issues

Smart Meters Coordination Group (SM-CG)

ESMIG has supported the SM-CG with the definition of a functional architecture, the definition of a glossary and use cases for Smart Metering. ESMIG is currently coordinating the development of an approach for Privacy and Security of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure and related data exchange. This work is done in close cooperation with other organisations.

See the Functional reference architecture for communications in smart metering systems report

Smart Grids Task Force (SG TF) and related Expert Groups

ESMIG supports all five expert groups of the European Smart Grid Task Force:

  • EG1 Reference Group for Smart Grid Standards
  • EG2 Regulatory Recommendations for Data Privacy and Data Protection in the Smart Grid Environment
  • EG3 Regulatory Recommendations for Smart Grids Deployment
  • EG4 Smart Grid Infrastructure Deployment
  • EG5 Industrial policy for Smart Grids


Smart Grid Coordination group (SG-CG)

ESMIG is represented in the steering committee and the Smart Grid Information Security working group of the SG-CG. The approaches defined by this group are applied to the use cases we have defined for Smart Metering.


Working Group Measuring Instruments (wgMI)

ESMIG is one of the industry associations represented in this group. Proposals for changes in the MID are reviewed by the ESMIG MUM group while its comments are taken into account and discussed by the wgMI.


European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI)

ESMIG is represented in the EEGI, which is one of the six European Industrial Initiatives (EII) laid down in the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET).

The ESMIG RPG group formulates responses to the public consultations of the EEGI.