ESMIG extends its scope to become the European voice of smart energy solution providers

Publication date: 
15 June, 2015

Brussels, 15 June 2015 ESMIG, previously known as the European Smart Metering Industry Group, announced a scope extension that reflects its member companies’ evolution towards a smarter future in energy supply and demand.

 “This is an evolution rather than a revolution. During the past 7 years, ESMIG has successfully focused on smart metering as an enabling technology for smart energy services. We had many important deliverables which supported the policy makers and other stakeholders in the development of regulations and legislation. Now, the market and political scene need more and more a broader expertise that would focus on complete solutions for smart energy services to meet the European Energy targets 2020 and 2030”, says Maher Chebbo, president of ESMIG.

This broader approach moves beyond smart energy measurement towards smart energy management, which comprises monitoring and control of energy consumption and energy generation from a central point of view, either at consumer sites or at aggregated level.

“As the customer and the marketplace are evolving, we need to be a step ahead in order to remain a relevant actor in the EU political arena. We aim to offer a complete and integrated solution to smart energy management, rather than focusing solely on the smart meters”, explains John Harris, Vice President of ESMIG and in charge of the ESMIG scope extension taskforce which was created in May 2014.

The new scope will include smart meters, communication infrastructure, consumer energy management systems, distribution automation components for demand side management and business IT systems for metering and flexibility services.

The main focus will be on smart metering, consumer energy management and secure data exchange.

The new logo of ESMIG reflects the evolution from measurement to management (ESMIG as the button that controls energy), shows the digital focus (the dots) and the orientation towards making energy smart and sustainable (from dark blue to green).

Willem Strabbing, ESMIG Managing Director indicates that in order to engage consumers and realise their expected benefits, the introduction of smart meters must go hand-in-hand with the introduction of new energy services. “We have to take care that minimum functionalities are in place and regulatory conditions are enabling a smooth implementation of such services”.

ESMIG marked its re-launch with a reception held during Sustainable Energy Week at Square Brussels Meeting Centre. Close to 100 association representatives, regulators, policy-makers, consultants and media came to find out more about ESMIG’s scope extension and strategy.

Jan Panek, Head of Unit B3 at DG Energy, held a keynote speech to congratulate ESMIG on the announcement and to underline the importance of ESMIG’s work in the context of the Energy Union strategy, in particular on the issues of interoperability, minimum functionalities of smart meters and consumer focus.


More about ESMIG

ESMIG is the European voice of the providers of smart energy solutions. Our members provide products, information technology and services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy consumption and production at consumer premises.

Our activities are focused around systems for smart metering, consumer energy management and safe and secure data transfer.

We work closely with EU policy makers and other EU associations to make Europe’s energy and water systems cleaner, reliable, more efficient and the European consumer informed, empowered and engaged.

Our members develop future-proof products and services for producers and consumers to monitor and manage energy supply and demand from a central point of view at consumer sites or at aggregated level.