ESMIG Press Release on the European Parliament report "Delivering a new deal for energy consumers"

Publication date: 
26 May, 2016

Brussels, 26 May 2016 Today the European Parliament adopted the Griffin report on “Delivering a new deal for energy consumers”. This report, exclusively focused on energy household consumers, highlights the importance to empower citizens to become active participants in the energy markets.

ESMIG shares the view of the European Parliament regarding the importance of consumer involvement and the necessity to create the conditions to make real consumer participation in the energy market possible. We would like to recall the main barriers that the current European energy system is facing: the current market design, national administrative burdens, and conflicting national measures including regulated energy prices, combined with an ageing infrastructure, hinder the energy transition and more worryingly, prevent EU citizens from reaping the benefits of new smart technologies.

ESMIG welcomes the EP’s emphasis on smart technologies as having a key role in the energy transition and we agree the rapid deployment of ICT is vital for making use of smart technologies, so a parallel deployment is ideal. Demand response management can only be properly developed once smart meters, smart homes and smart grids are implemented throughout Europe. Therefore, ESMIG strongly advocates that every consumer should have the right to a smart meter.

ESMIG would like to emphasize that the smart meter is a crucial instrument in consumer empowerment as it is the key tool for the consumer to save money and energy through better information, giving them real-time insight in their usage, self-generation and currently active tariff. In order to change their consumption behaviour, consumers need access to information that is clear, understandable, reliable and timely. They need to know exactly how much energy they are using, at what time and at what cost. This is precisely the information that smart metering, with the appropriate functionalities, can provide.

ESMIG strongly believes that a sustainable energy future in Europe cannot be achieved without respecting the following principles:

  • Consumers’ participation in flexibility markets should be a right.
  • Consumers should have the choice to play an active/passive role in the energy system.
  • Consumers should be rewarded for offering flexibility in their demand and have opportunities to reduce energy costs.
  • Consumers should be properly informed about their rights, privacy and data protection and on how technology can assist them to save energy.

Quality information is the first step in achieving behavioural change among citizens. With this in mind, ESMIG and EDSO for Smart Grids have developed a consumer information portal,, which explains the role of smart meters and smart grids in the energy system and how consumers will benefit from the transition to the smart technologies.


ESMIG is the European voice of the providers of smart energy solutions. Our members provide products, information technology and services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy consumption and production at consumer premises. Our activities are focused around systems for smart metering, consumer energy management and safe and secure data transfer. We work closely with EU policy makers and other EU associations to make Europe’s energy and water systems cleaner, reliable, more efficient and the European consumer informed, empowered and engaged.

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