ESMIG refreshes executive committee ahead of next Smart Energy, Smart Metering and Smart Grids journey

Publication date: 
16 June, 2014

Brussels – 16 June 2014 – ESMIG, the European Smart Metering Industry Group, has announced significant changes to its executive committee personnel. President Frank Hyldmar (Elster) is stepping down, following the end of his term, to be succeeded by former Vice-President Maher Chebbo (SAP) who, in turn, is succeeded by Ralf Hoffmann (GÖRLITZ). Hoffmann also remains Chair of ESMIG’s Communications Technology Group working group.

Besides these changes to the Executive Committee, there are two further changes to the group’s senior executives. New incoming Chairman of the Consumer Energy Management Group is Patrick Caiger-Smith (Geo) and new Chair of the Marketing and Events Group working group is Kim Nørgaard (Elster), who replaces Göran Näslund (Vodafone).

Outgoing President Frank Hyldmar commented, “Since ESMIG was founded in 2007, we have actively supported Europe’s institutions to develop an interoperable Smart Meter platform, as defined by the EU’s Third Energy Package. Standards have been agreed and interoperable Smart Meter solutions have been developed. With these great foundations, ESMIG is focusing on how data are collected and presented to give consumers, utilities and other stakeholders the benefits of the Smarter Grid.”

New President Maher Chebbo said, “ESMIG has already done some tremendous work by bringing together the Smart Metering community and providing service-oriented recommendations for the Smart Grids journey. Europe is building a strategy for security of energy supply and independence, for which efficiency is a key factor.

“ESMIG now intends to simplify communication to the market and we will provide recommendations for best practices and cost-effective secured deployment solutions, such as shared and Cloud-based services to achieve the aims of the Third Energy Package, Europe’s 2020 energy and efficiency targets, tangible consumer benefits and Europe’s energy independence.

“On this journey, ESMIG will continue to welcome metering solution providers, Smart Grids technology stakeholders, IT and telecommunications suppliers, home technology manufacturers, security solution actors and any value-added stakeholders. ESMIG will continue to attract new members acting as a single trusted industry voice for Europe.”

New CEM chair Patrick Caiger-Smith added, ”We need to remember that consumers create much of our energy demand, and most of them have a limited understanding of how they can reduce demand by cutting or shifting it during the day. ESMIG’s Consumer Energy Management group is focusing on how to empower consumers by giving them access to information, advice and tools that will save them money and help to reduce stresses on the energy infrastructure. I’m delighted to be chairing the CEM group and helping to share the learning taking place in this innovative new sector.”

Notes for Editors

The European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) is the European industry association that provides knowledge and expertise on Smart Metering and energy-related consumer services within the Smart Grid area at a European level.

ESMIG covers all aspects of multi-commodity metering and consumer energy management. Member companies cover the entire value chain from meter manufacturing, software development, installation and consulting to communication services, home energy management products/services and system integration.

By giving support to European Union institutions, member states, national organisations and standardisation organisations, the industry group aims to assist in the development of national and European wide introduction, roll-out and management of Smart Metering solutions and technologies related to energy management.

ESMIG is open to any supplier of Smart Metering, Smart Grids or energy management solutions and services within the European Union.