ESMIG updates European conference about progress on smart metering deployment.

Publication date: 
16 October, 2013

Brussels – 16 October 2013 – A key presentation at European Utility Week 2013 was made yesterday afternoon by Frank Hyldmar, President of ESMIG, who gave the conference a generally positive update on the uptake of smart metering across the EU.

Hyldmar told the more than 300 participants that smart metering technology is now mature and well established in many European countries and that, although significant development and installation work remains to be done, progress has generally been good.

“Numerous pilot projects show that energy savings average 11% when real-time smart metering feedback mechanisms are used,” he said. “Italy and Sweden have already installed 100% smart metering for electricity supplies. Spain, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Estonia are well on the way with more than 4 million meters already installed in Spain. Fifteen EU countries have made a positive decision.”

Addressing one notable area of concern, Hyldmar added that mandates developed collaboratively with various European agencies over the past year have also delivered effective methods to define privacy and security requirements for consumers and utility providing companies alike.

Hyldmar was also candid about the work that still needs to be done to reach the Commission’s wider objectives in terms of installation of smart metering systems and environmental benefits they should achieve. He said, “There are still 16 European countries where the smart meter roll-out has not yet begun. Three countries (BE, CZ and DE) have decided not to implement according to EU targets and three others (PT, SI and LT) have no plans as yet.”

“Overall, we are not on schedule to reach the targets: the current activity level makes it hard to believe we will reach the 80% roll-out by 2020. Consequently, the Energy Efficiency target of 20% will not be met by 2020 either, and 1.4 billion additional barrels of oil will need to be imported annually. So there is much work yet to do,” he concluded.



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