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ESMIG welcomes new member - geo

Publication date: 
16 January, 2014

16 January 2014 - Brussels ESMIG welcomed the accession of geo to its team. geo will play a prominent role in the Consumer Energy Management working group of ESMIG, which is focusing on Home Energy Management services and solutions as well as consumer engagement. One of the activities of this group is the development of a consumer-focused information portal to explain the benefits of new technologies and tackle consumer concerns.


geo designs and produces in-home displays, online energy services and mobile applications that make energy engaging. The company’s systems enable utility suppliers, landlords, meter manufacturers and installers to strengthen relationships with their customers. This is achieved by putting end-users in control of their energy consumption, home appliances and budgets in a visual, informative and engaging way. geo’s products and services work together with pre-smart and smart meters and micro generation to effect and support a truly energy-efficient home.


Notes for Editors

The European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) is the European industry association that provides knowledge and expertise on Smart Metering and related communications at a European level. ESMIG's members are the leading companies in the European Smart Metering Market: meter manufacturers, IT companies, communications product and service providers, home energy management product and service providers and system integrators. ESMIG covers all aspects of Smart Metering, including electricity, gas, water and heat measurement. Member companies cover the entire value chain from meter manufacturing, software, installation and consulting to communications and system integration. By giving support to European Union Institutions, Member States and Standardisation Organisations, the industry group aims to assist in the development of national and European-wide introduction, roll-out and management of Smart Metering solutions.