Cybersecurity Standardization Conference 2020: Cybersecurity Standardization and the EU Cybersecurity Act - What's Up?

Monday, 3 February, 2020


The conference will discuss the challenges in the standardisation landscape for Cybersecurity in light of the EU Cybersecurity Act. 

Among the topics:

  • The role of standardisation to support the certification framework
  • Achievments in cybersecurity standardisation and the rolling plan of standardisation bodies
  • First EU certification scheme – difficulties and success stories in relation to standards
  • Next prospective schemes – way ahead

The conference aimes to foster the dialogue among policy makers, industry, research, standardization organizations, certification organizations and those involved in the development of the ICT certification framework in Europe, in view of an effective implementation of the Cybersecurity Act.



Managing Director, Willem Strabbing, will take part in the third panel session titled ''First scheme – difficulties and success stories''.

Find more details on the ENISA website here