E.DSO and InnoEnergy Workshop Data&Innovation: Driving the electrons that make your future

Tuesday, 4 February, 2020

About the event: 

Towards the Paris Agreement and as a foundation to the European Green Deal, the pressure on developing and deploying low or zero-carbon technologies increased on a dramatic scale. Member States are thus facing an urgent need to transform their energy systems. Distribution System Operators (DSOs), confronted with an unprecedented growth of new loads and distributed generation connecting to their networks, are on the lookout for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives, and are undergoing a mind shift in how we deal with challenges and seize opportunities.

Through sensor technology, internet of things, building information modelling systems, and other disruptive technologies, digital innovation is reshaping the way most industries and businesses are functioning. It is also rapidly transforming the energy industry, with data collection and analysis as the foundation of future service offerings and business models.

System Operators as neutral data platforms will facilitate new services, technology companies and other new market participants, while enabling both traditional equipment providers and start-ups to add value and drive innovation based on data generated by grid users.

Jointly organized by the Association of the European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) and InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, the Data&Innovation event will focus on ‘Driving the electrons that make your future’. It will provide the opportunity for start-ups and traditional businesses to share their views and innovative ideas in the multiple cross-sections of the electricity grid.

More information on the E.DSO website here

ESMIG participation: 

Managing Director, Willem Strabbing, will present on behalf of ESMIG. See agenda for more information. 

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