ESMIG Dinner at the European Parliament: Making Europe's energy transition a reality with the help of smart technologies

Wednesday, 19 February, 2020

On the 19th of February, ESMIG and our members will attend an exclusive dinner at the European Parliament to present our key prioritiues and Manifesto exploring how to introduce the necessary measures for making Europe’s energy transition a reality with the help of smart technologies.

The main aims are to highlight the existing obstacles to the new energy market but also the actions needed to overcome these barriers and to liaise with EU policy makers in order to foster a regulatory framework which empowers and protects the consumer.

We hope to present clearly our new priorities to policy makers in the EU Parliament and to establish a trustful working relationship with EU institutional officials by raising awareness on the relevance of the above-mentioned topics and to assist at a fruitful exchange among the speakers and the guests.

esmig_ep_dinner_programme_february_19_.pdf (233.05 KB)Download