With the introduction of Smart Meters in Europe an unprecedented flow of energy related data will emerge to consumers and energy market participants such as Distribution System Operators (DSO), Suppliers,...Read more
With the roll-out of smart meters in Europe, valuable data becomes available to drive the business processes of diverse market parties. In the first place consumers should be able to...Read more
A study prepared for the European Commission DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology by: screen_shot_2019-03-08_at_15.07.32.png How to maximise the use of available renewable sources and remove inefficiency, eliminate stand-by peak...Read more
Joint letters to the ENVI Group coordinators to the resolution on the EU 2050 Strategy to the kind attention of Prof.Dr.Ing. Anton Anton Romanian Minister of Energy Following the launch...Read more
Our organisations are all strong advocates for European policies that give citizens and businesses control over their energy future through efficient, competitive and digital solutions. Demand-side flexibility and system efficiency...Read more
Brussels, 8 February 2019. The first European Protection Profile for Smart Meters has been developed by CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination Group for Smart Meters with the support of ESMIG The development of...Read more
A new report that gathered 578 pilots involving 5,5 million residential consumers over the past 10 years sheds new light on consumer engagement and learning patterns. The research was commissioned...Read more
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Brussels, 19 December. The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on EU’s new electricity market design, paving the way for new technologies and services to empower consumers...Read more
Ahead of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting of 4 December, businesses from across all sectors of the European economy would like to reiterate their concern about the proposal...Read more