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8 May, 2012
ESMIG believes that consumer awareness and involvement are key-elements for the Smart Meters roll-out to be successful, as consumer benefits in terms of energy and consumer savings are considerable. To...Read more
Aalborg, Denmark, 28 March, 2012 – RTX, a leading provider of wireless communications solutions is changing its name from RTX Telecom A/S to RTX A/S to better reflect the scope of the current and future business.Read more
To stimulate the roll-out of Smart Meters across Europe, ESMIG supports the initiatives intended to improve the interoperability of components.Read more
image_mini_1.jpeg image_mini.jpeg image_mini_2.jpeg One Small Step from You, One Giant Leap for Europe! The European Smart Metering Industry Group and the European Commission invite you to be part of the...Read more
The European Union has set itself ambitious targets with the Electricity Directive anticipating complete deployment of Smart Meters by 2022 at the latest, and 80% of consumers equipped with Smart Metering systems by 2020.Read more
A “surprising” number of businesses know little about how much energy they use, a senior business chief at international metering firm Elster has told ELN. Frank Hyldmar, Elster’s Executive Vice...Read more