Electricity Market Design : positive signals from the Parliament vote

The European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee adopted the report on the Electricity Market Design Directive by Krisjanis Karins with 50 votes for and 4 against - more information here. With this resounding majority, there is a clear message that the new legislation needs to create the right conditions for an open and flexible market where innovative solutions and smart technologies are encouraged. This is the only way it will be attractive for consumers to take an active role in building a cleaner and more efficient energy system.

We are particularly positive about the fact that consumers will receive more accurate information (real-time data down to seconds) and in a more interactive manner (via an in-home display). This will ensure that they are aware of their consumption, they understand where they spend their energy, they can easier manage their costs and consumption and eventually become more energy-efficient.
What we insist on is that interoperability is clearly understood by the EU institutions and will be effectively achieved. This is essential in order to eliminate obstacles for consumers and ensure a seamless information flow, with no technical barriers regarding the exchange of energy related data. We look forward to a clear Implementing Act from the European Commission and are happy to support in this process, not only by providing interoperable solutions but also by providing guidance on how interoperability can be achieved.