Energy Efficiency Directive review : mixed feelings on the Parliament’s vote

The European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee adopted on Tuesday, 28 November, the report on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive – more information here.

  The vote in favour of a binding 40% target for 2030. The smart meter is directly linked and indispensable in        achieving the energy efficiency targets. Its successful deployment will enable consumer empowerment,          measuring and thus managing consumption patterns.

  The adoption of compromise amendment 8 on Article 9a which specifies that individual meters shall be        installed “where technically feasible and cost effective in terms of being proportionate in relation to the potential energy savings.” These criteria ignore societal benefits: the whole energy system profits from smart meters, not only the consumers, helping avoid costly and disruptive outages and better manage the grid. Smart meters are also essential in enabling energy management and consumer empowerment.  

We recommend taking into account the full benefits that smart meters enable for consumers and society, energy savings being just one of them.