EPBD review trialogue: Letter to rapporteur on the smartness indicator

Brussels, 25 October 2017
RE: Upcoming trialogue negotiations on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive review: the smartness indicator
Dear Rapporteur,
Dear Mr. Bendtsen,
ESMIG welcomes the adoption of your report which improves many aspects of the European Commission proposal. In particular, ESMIG supports the objective of the EPBD proposal to encourage the use of ICT and smart technologies and, more precisely, the idea of introducing an indicator to measure the “smartness” of buildings. This new tool will be very useful for the citizens and will be an incentive to create more healthy and comfortable environment in buildings, while lowering energy use. Moreover, it will enable and support the active participation of consumers in the electricity market. The smart meter is crucial in reaching these objectives, as it is the only way to have a solid and certified measurement of the energy consumed and/or generated by a building at a specific time of use.
Our main concern is that the idea of measuring the “smartness” of buildings will be a lost opportunity, unless it is accompanied by a clear definition and implementation. Your report gives the needed clarity on this subject and it is essential that this stays in the final text of the legislation.
Therefore, in view of the upcoming trialogue negotiations on the EPBD review, ESMIG calls upon the European Parliament to keep a strong position and to not accept any compromise on the content of the smartness indicator. 


We count on your support to ensure a positive outcome in the trialogue negotiations.
Yours Sincerely,
Maher Chebbo
ESMIG President
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