ESMIG 10 Years Anniversary Conference - Photos and Presentations Available

On Monday, 4th of June, we hosted our 10 Years Anniversary Conference at Autoworld in Brussels. We focused our conversation and debates on what we've learned from the past 10 years and where we and our industry are heading for the next 10.

With an exciting line of speakers and a special surprise for our anniversary, the event was a great start to the European Sustainable Energy Week and very much touched on its theme of leading the energy transition.

The full conclusions and recommendations from the event will be available shortly. Until then, you can enjoy the photos and the presentations from the event and get in touch for any questions you might have.



audrey_gallacher_-_smart_metering_in_gb.pdf (8.04 MB)Download
janine_rumph_-_smart_metering_in_nl.pdf (10.27 MB)Download
mait_rahi_-_smart_metering_in_estonia.pdf (2.8 MB)Download
carl_lidholm_-_the_consumer_behind_the_meter.pptx (14.31 MB)Download
john_harris_-_esmig_2030_vision.pdf (2.84 MB)Download
howard_porter_-_electrification_by_design.pdf (2.88 MB)Download
monika_de_volder_-_digitalisation_and_decentralisation_of_energy_markets_-_the_consumer_perspective.pdf (4.03 MB)Download
nick_beglinger_-_hack4climate.pdf (21.73 MB)Download