ESMIG Position Paper on the revised Electricity Directive

ESMIG finds the proposal for a revised Electricity Directive timely and necessary. We share the view of the European Union that all consumers should be the focus of European Union energy policy, thereby having access to a more secure, clean and competitive energy market.
Smart metering technology is the greatest consumer empowerment tool to be introduced since the electrification of European societies over 100 years ago. For the first time, consumers will be able to see exactly how much electricity they consume, when they consume it and how much it costs. The ability to monitor and control consumption is the pre-requisite for market-based pricing, network optimization and forms the foundation for the development of additional consumer services.
It is appropriate, as this package of legislation does, to put all main provisions related to electricity smart metering in the Electricity Directive, thus avoiding a fragmentation and duplication of legislation.
As the voice of European smart energy solutions providers, with 28 members, deploying smart metering and energy technology through the European Union, ESMIG strives to bring its expertise into the policy debates. Read the full paper for ESMIG’s comments on specific articles of this proposal which are relevant for the smart energy management sector.
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