Here is our Annual Book: a synopsis of activities and an overview of members

The 2015-2016 ESMIG Annual book is the reference book for the smart energy solution providers (read here).

It contains the main activities from the past year: from the scope extension and re-launch of ESMIG, to the creation of the ESMIG Manifesto for a smart Energy Union, the launch of the consumer campaign My Smart Energy and the workshops and events organised.

It lists the main activities and deliverables by working group:

ESMIG is also represented in other External Groups, such as the Smart Metering Coordination Group, the Smart Energy Grids Coordination Group, Smart Grids Expert Groups and others (detailed information here).

The main objectives of 2016 are built on 4 main pillars and take into consideration the market and regulatory developments expected this year. These are explained here.

The products and services provided by the ESMIG members are detailed and depicted

For the first time, we have compiled statistics on ESMIG membership and the size of the companies that together form the European smart energy solution providers.

Also, each member has a dedicated page for their description, contact details, projects and other relevant information.

We hope you enjoy reading it!