How can Europe help to increase cyber resiliency in utilities?


Already, 2018 has been an exemplary year for why cybersecurity in critical infrastructures is so important - it’s a topic all utilities should be familiar with. 

From politically motivated Russian hackers to sophisticated criminal attacks, critical infrastructures continue to be focal points for hackers and cyber attacks. As critical infrastructures, utilities may be at particular risk of such attacks. 

In addition to this, the energy system is increasingly digitising, adding new technologies enabling greater flexibility and control for utilities. From smart meters and utility assets to new consumer applications, the risk factors within utilities have risen exponentially in recent years, making them more so vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The European Commission's ‘Cybersecurity Act’ (COM-2017 477) proposes new security certification measures for ICT products and services in order to increase security and trust in the digital single market. 

This and other initiatives striving to create a safe digital environment will inevitably change how utilities operate, but ultimately serve to maximise utility security.

This webinar will take a deeper dive featuring industry specialists into the latest actions in Europe, to define new cybersecurity regulation and the development of security certification approaches.

Featuring the insights from industry specialist Willem Strabbing, Managing Director of the European Smart Meter Industry Group (ESMIG) and Armin Selhofer, Head of Certification at Oesterreichs Energie.

Register for this webinar and learn more about:

  • What are important aspects of security certification and who are the stakeholders involved
  • What is the roadmap for new legislature and certifications regarding cybersecurity