How to ensure a simple and effective Smartness Indicator - joined letter

We welcome the introduction of a smartness indicator in the proposals for a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and we are following with keen interest the study which you are working on for the European Commission. We believe that the smartness indicator could be a key tool to unlock the flexibility of Europe’s building stock, and support the wider energy system to integrate larger shares of renewables in a cost-efficient way.


In order for the smartness indicator to be a useful tool for building occupants, owners and users, and the energy system as a whole, it needs to be simple, both in its presentation and in its methodology.


The current approach of the consortium addresses a number of directions and domains. Therefore, before further work is done in Task 1’s categorisation of smart ready services and technologies, we must address the fundamental question of what a smartness indicator is for, and what it can



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