Press Release: Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020 - Virtual Conference

Providing the roadmap for achieving 100% smart meter coverage, fostering standardisation in the industry and scaling up your AMI related data analytics

Smart meters and AMI systems provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and the low voltage grid. These insights are essential for achieving digital transition and can facilitate more renewable generation, flexibility markets, dynamic tariffs as smart meters enable two-way communication between consumers and the energy network. Nonetheless, as the smart grid becomes increasingly advanced, it is clear that the low voltage network requires significant modernisation and AMI infrastructure must evolve to truly unlock to the full potential of a decentralised, decarbonised and digitised system.

Based on interviews conducted with 28 AMI professionals from leading DSOs, Smart Grid Forums found that regardless of the market set up and regulatory position all utilities are currently investigating the business case for deploying 2nd generation smart meters to modernise the low voltage grid and integrate the last mile of the smart grid:

“Throughout my research it become clear that although all of the utilities are at different stages of their AMI system integration, on the whole the industry is at a critical juncture in terms of creating a roadmap for integrating second generation smart meters at minimal expense and within regulatory guidelines. It is also very important for utilities that they integrate the AMI functionalities that will optimise their specific grid environment, to help to support the digitisation of the smart grid and create an improved relationship with their customers”, noted Morven MacEwen, the conference producer for Smart Grid Forum’s inaugural Advanced Metering Infrastructure conference.

Driving the rollout of next generation smart meters to improve customer service and support advanced analytics in the smart grid at minimal expenditure forms the backbone of Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020. Taking place on the 13-15th of October, on the virtual event platform Swapcard, the event draws together AMI experts from all over the global for 3-intensive days of use-case reviews. This event provides the only utility-lead platform aimed at achieving 100% smart meter coverage, industry standardisation and the scaling up of your smart meter data analytics. Through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing participants will learn how to drive the rollout of second-generation smart meters, create a robust procurement methodology that ensures an interoperable, future-proofed AMI system and secure an optimal communication network strategy. Presentations will detail value-creating analytics use-cases, covering fraud detection and billing efficiency, forecasting and grid planning. Discussions will focus on creating a working group to create a cohesive AMI ecosystem, from installation to data analytics, and to benchmark current metering technologies. Alongside a utility-lead panel on standardisation, there is a technology innovation panel that covers next generation meter functionalities and advanced analytics as well as intimate round table debates, a live demo lab of the latest systems and solutions and an event networking reception open to all participants.

Topics include:

  • Lifecycle Management – unlocking the value of your installed smart meters and integrating interoperable next generation meters to ensure the cost-efficiency of your evolving meter infrastructure
  • AMI System Design – developing a real-time and future proofed system design to ensure that meets immediate and longer-term functionality needs at minimal expense
  • Procurement – creating a robust procurement framework that effectively manages a disparate supplier bases to ensure long-term accountability, system reliability and risk mitigation
  • Customer Engagement – developing a programme that rapidly educates customers, builds their trusts and facilitates easy home access to speed up roll out and ensure 100% coverage by 2024


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