A warm welcome to our new members: Luna and Wirepas

Paris, 3 June 2016 The smart energy solution providers approved in their General Assembly Meeting two new members: Luna and Wirepas.



The corporate group including LUNA was founded in 1991, in the business of design and manufacturing of electronic circuits and products for controlling and measuring electrical energy.

LUNA carries its design and production of electricity meters, the development of software and hardware for the communication between the meters, in its own registered R&D Center and warehouse in Izmir, TURKEY.

Currently with 400.000 meters monthly production rate, it is the biggest supplier to the public and government metering needs in Turkey with its ready plug and play smart grid solutions as a complete system for electrical energy management as well as water metering solutions.

LUNA production facilities are certified by ISO-9001 Quality Management System and all of our meters have MID certifications from European Union approved by yearly inspection.

LUNA has strong experience in consumer electronics, TV-outlets, electricity meters, AMR systems, Power Line Communication Networks, RF, GSM/GPRS systems for meter reading, and thanks to its high production rate it can meet high volume and short time demand with reasonable costs.

LUNA meter is your global partner for all metering needs with its low cost-high quality products. Our experienced and friendly staff is happy to assist you with all of your inquiries.



Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized and scalable device connectivity to its customers. With our help, customers can digitalize their curent business processes and innovate for new disruptive models.

With Wirepas Connectivity there is no need for traditional repeaters, because every wireless device is a smart router of the network. The connected devices are the network - easy as that. In nature, things are communicating making autonomous decisions based on the protocol that is optimized to fulfill the need as efficiently as possible - nothing more, nothing less. This is also what Wirepas is all about.



ESMIG is the European voice of smart energy solution providers. Our members provide products, information technology and services solutions for Electricity, Gas, Water or Heat metering, data transfer or and security, display and/or management of energy consumption and generation at consumer premises. Our activities are focused around systems for smart metering, consumer energy management and safe and secure data transfer. We work closely with EU policy makers and other EU associations to make Europe’s energy and water systems cleaner, reliable, more efficient and the European consumer informed, empowered and engaged.

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