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Benefits of smart meters

Benefits for consumers

  1. Consumers can be informed remotely (historical data) or locally (real-time data) on:
    • Energy costs and
    • Related carbon emission data
  2. Energy consumption of household gas, electrical and water equipment can be displayed on the appliance or on displays
  3. Multi tariff functions can be added to allow demand response techniques
  4. Allowing electrical appliances to be automatically controlled or
  5. Allowing the consumer to reduce costs by increasing energy consumption during off-peak cheaper tariff periods.

The smart meter is an enabler for energy management: empowering consumers to save and manage their energy consumption! 

Benefits for utilities

Smart Metering allows to:

  • gain first-class data
  • influence the energy consumption of their users
  • improve profitability of the technology once Smart Metering is also used for gas, water and heat readings.

In addition, utility companies will benefit from the following advantages:

  • a reduction in ‘costs to serve’
  • open gateways for the delivery of energy services
  • assistance in the development of liberalised energy markets
  • help for revenue protection
  • monitoring of the generation from building renewables
  • support in demand response techniques
  • more effective grid management
  • a new communication channel to customers.

Benefits for EU and national governments

Smart Metering will:

  • prove to be THE tool to entice consumers to manage their consumption better and reduce usage leading the way to improved service levels through richer billing information
  • be a key weapon in the fight on climate change
  • help governments implement liberalisation of energy markets
  • allow the full realisation of the Energy Services Directive.