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Demand Side Flexibility

Demand-side flexibility can play a key role in reducing overall system costs and those consumers willing to participate in flexibility should be rewarded. Our starting point is that all consumers should have the chance to participate in demand side flexibility. In addition, smart metering systems are necessary for the measuring and settlement process. The following two functionalities are technical prerequisites to allow for consumer engagement in demand side flexibility: 

  •  “Accurate, user-friendly and timely readings provided directly from the interface of customer’s choice to the customer and any third party designated by the consumer are strongly recommended since they are the key to running demand response services, taking ‘online’ energy-saving decisions and effective integration of distributed energy resources.”
  •  “Support advanced tariff systems. This functionality relates to both the demand side and the supply side. Smart metering systems should include advance tariff structures, time-of-use registers and remote tariff control. This will help consumers and network operators to achieve energy efficiencies and save costs by reducing the peaks in energy demand.”

The intelligent metering infrastructure forms the basis of a flexible demand driven energy market!