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Security and Privacy Group (SPG)

The Security and Privacy Group (SPG)

The main objective of the Security and Privacy Group (SPG) of ESMIG is to support the different stakeholders in an advanced Smart Metering infrastructure in integrating appropriate countermeasures on the level of system security and privacy for the use cases being relevant for Smart Metering systems.

The interoperability of devices in Smart Metering systems as well as the affordability of the system and its components shall be taken into consideration when tackling this topic – SPG is working on a European approach to have a set of requirements associated with security and privacy by deploying methodologies deriving from the work done in the SM-CG (Smart Meter coordination group) and the SG-CG (smart grid coordination group).

Besides the development of this requirement framework, SPG strongly supports the deployment of a mutually accepted way of certifying all components touched by these requirements. SPG intends to make the impact of national certification schemes on overall cost transparent and will work on proposals to standardise certification procedures across Europe in order to limit these costs.

ESMIG aims to increasing and reaching full consumers’ acceptance and adoption of advanced metering infrastructures as a starting point for the smart grid. Therefore, SPG supports the interested public in discussing and designing-in privacy into Smart Metering systems. To do so, SPG works closely with the other working groups (the Marketing and Events Group (MEG) as well as the Regulation and Policy Group (RPG)) within ESMIG.