The GSMA Embedded SIM Specification is widely recognised to be a crucial component of the future of M2M and has already been embraced by the automotive sector. This report explores the advantages the GSMA specification could bring to the utilities sector.

Its potential benefits are explored in the context of 5 use cases. benefits include:

·       Improving reliability and reducing site visits

·       Improving security and trust

·       Reducing cost and complexity


ESMIG Annual Book 2015-2016

Our Annual Book is a synopsis of our activities and an overview of our members.

Download the publication or see the flipbook below to learn more about us, about our work in the past year and about the ESMIG members.



Interoperability is key in achieving a successful transition to a new, flexible European energy system. For implementing demand side flexibility, we need an integrated approach of selecting standards and defining functionalities for the data exchanges.

All the steps for designing and implementing the data communication interfaces in the demand side flexibility architecture are described in this paper and should be strictly followed in order to create an open market for consumer focused energy services and products.  

25 February, 2016 - 1 year of Energy Union

We are marking one year from the adoption of the Energy Union Framework strategy, “the biggest energy project since the Coal and Steel Community” (Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Energy Union).

1 November, 2015 - ESMIG brochure

The new ESMIG brochure explains what ESMIG represents, who are our members, what our internal and external activities are and how we are organised.

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The energy supply system is undergoing a fundamental change. The transition to sustainable energy sources introduces more dynamic and distributed feeding of energy into the system compared to the former situation where the energy network was designed around big central controllable generation units.

15 June, 2015 - Meet the new ESMIG

Read more about ESMIG change from the European Smart Metering Industry Group to the European voice of the smart energy solutions providers.

21 August, 2013 - ESMIG general brochure

ESMIG and our work in a nutshell. Who we are. What we do. Smart Meters and the Smart Grid.



ESMIG welcomes the publication of the “Empower Demand 2” report on ’Energy efficiency through information and communication technology - best practice examples and guidance’, written and published by VaasaETT.


ESMIG welcomes the publication of the “Empower Demand” report on ’The potential of smart meter enabled programs to increase energy and system benefits: a mass pilot comparison’, written and published by VaasaETT. The independent research, funded by ESMIG, demonstrates the actual effects of around 100 smart meter enabled pilots and roll-outs across the world, analyses what features and setup lead to the greatest effects, and summarises lessons for utilities to maximise consumer benefits.